Build Visual Serverless Apps in Minutes

Lolo is an independent serverless provider that allows you to build event-driven Node.js applications, like APIs, WebSockets and ETL pipelines in a visual cloud editor without having to provision, scale, and manage any servers.

Use Lolo's templates or create your own reusable functions for rapid development.

Step 1

Create a free account at

Step 2

Open up the Hello World app. Save and Run it.

Step 3

Wait for Logs. Open the Docs tab and test your endpoint.

Ps. Try our CRUD API demo as well. Get it working within 2 minutes.

New to Serverless?

Example use cases that are ideal for serverless (I.e. back-end) event-driven applications.

WebhooksAPIsData StreamingWebSockets

Yeah we know the buttons are disabled. We're working on them. Check our official demo guides below.

Official Demo Guides

If you don't feel like sifting through a bunch of documentation. Get up to speed by following our official demo guides.

HTTP TriggerWebSocket GuideCRUD API

Check out what a simple websocket application can look like below.

How does Lolo compete with FaaS?

Lolo was built in response to some of the shortcomings of certain serverless computing platforms, i.e. Lambda, Azure Functions (i.e. FaaS providers). The apps are event-driven, just like the FaaS concept of triggering a function when an event happens. However, what is unique, is our ability to chain several functions and triggers within the application. This simplifies building serverless applications, especially for beginners. We take care of the work behind the scenes so you don’t have to think about provisioning, scaling nor managing any servers.

No Cold Starts.

Your container is technically always live. Ideal for WebSockets.

Limitless Scalability

Run production apps at cloud scale by adding replicas.

Cloud Agnostic.

We are not tied to a specific cloud vendor.

Visual Workflow.

Easier to maintain. Use composition for complexity.

Flexible Environment.

Built in state store. Access the entire NPM library.

One-click Deploy.

Run your apps with one-click deploy.


We're not backed by the bigger giants.


Predictable pricing models that compete with FaaS

Lolo Pricing

We think we compete with our awesome cloud editor which lets you build highly maintainable apps in a visual environment. But alas, we understand that pricing is important. With Lolo you are not paying per invocation, you pay for the amount of traffic you need to process every second. This doesn't necessarily mean that you are paying more than you would if you paid per invocation as you do with FaaS. With Lolo, you are not paying for your app until you need to process more than a few thousand events per second. Most Serverless applications never go beyond a few thousand events per second and if they do then it is rare that an application only need to process a huge amount of events for a few seconds every month. I.e. with FaaS you do have a million or so free invocations per month so if you only need to process these events for a few seconds per month then FaaS would be ideal. However, if the app needs to be able to process more than a few thousand of events per second, as most of our enterprise apps do, you simply add replicas for €9 each. See more on our pricing page.

Start-up or a small business?

Interested in seeing how much time and money you can save by migrating to Lolo? Contact us at