Build Cloud Agnostic Serverless Apps

Lolo Code is an iFaaS platform that allows you to build serverless event-driven NodeJS backend applications that are easily maintainable in a visual cloud editor without having to provision and manage any servers.

Tutorials from users

From the start we've been collecting video tutorials from our users in private beta to use as inspiration for different workflows.

Contact us at lolo@lolo.company if you want to share something.

Contact us at lolo@lolo.company if you want to share something.

Official Demo Guides

If you don't feel like sifting through a bunch of documentation. Get up to speed by following our official demo guides.

Create a Slack Bot

Slack is a great way to learn how to work with event-driven backend applications. We'll be building a HTTP callback that will act as our Webhook and will be triggered by Slack via their Slash Commands.

lolo console

WebSocket Application

Mainly used to create real-time applications, such as chat apps and streaming dashboards. We’ll demonstrate something simple by using a pre-made Websocket Trigger to connect and broadcast all messages to connected clients.

lolo console

Build a CRUD API

Here we will demonstrate how to use the Lolo/CRUD API v3 Library Function to build your own CRUD API in a few minutes without the need for an external database.

lolo console

What is Lolo Code?

Lolo was built in response to some of the shortcomings of certain Serverless computing platforms. The apps are still event-driven but we give user the ability to chain several functions and triggers within the application. We take care of the work behind the scenes so you don’t have to think about provisioning, scaling nor managing any servers.

What is unique about Lolo compared to other Serverless providers?

What can I do with Lolo?

When do I have to pay for my apps?

Lolo Pricing

We think we compete with our awesome cloud editor which lets you build highly maintanable apps in a visual environment. But alas, we understand that pricing is important. With Lolo you are not paying per invocation as you would with FaaS, you pay for the amount of traffic you need to process every second.

Interact with us via our discord server.