Make Every Data Stream, API & Network Programmable

Lolo Code lets you build event-driven serverless Node.js applications with one-click multi-cloud deploy in a visual workflow environment.. Simplify the serverless experience by using a visual workflow environment, reuse your functions, add in any NPM package and customize your events without sacrificing for performance.

✅ Run your first two apps with 256MB of RAM for free. Add Lolo Compute Units to scale.
✅ Process thousands of events per second without worrying about infrastructure nor excessive costs.

10th of June 2022

We're Officially Live! 🥳🥂

After years of development and over a year of running large scale production workloads for corporate customers with the highest availability and security demands and months of Private Beta, you can freely sign up for an account and use the Free Tier and expand beyond that with paid plans for Lolo Compute Units.

25th of May 2022

Run Lolo on your Raspberry Pi 😎

We are working on this new feature called Lolod. Lolod turns your laptop or embedded device running Linux into a Lolo runtime where you can run your application. So you can have Lolod running on your Raspberry Pi. The development is pretty much done, but we are still rolling this out but should be documented within the next few weeks.

New to Serverless? Practical use cases

Example use cases that are ideal for serverless event-driven apps. You should get up to speed pretty quickly as long as you have some Node.js experience.

WebhooksAPIsData StreamingWebSockets

Yeah we know the buttons are disabled. We're working on them. Check our official demo guides below.

Official Demo Guides

If you don't feel like sifting through a bunch of documentation. Get up to speed by following our official demo guides.

Simple APIWebSocket GuideCRUD API

How does Lolo compete?

Lolo was built in response to some of the shortcomings of certain serverless computing platforms, i.e. Lambda, Azure Functions. Lolo simplifies the user experience as it allows you to create and connect multiple functions in response to event triggers within the application. Along with being more visual, the Lolo Code creators have eradicated certain limitations that made building serverless applications a complicated affair.

Fast Function Invocation

Without network delays or cold starts. Ideal for WebSockets.

Limitless Scalability

Run production apps at cloud scale by adding replicas.

Cloud Agnostic

We are not tied to a specific cloud vendor.

Visual Workflow

Easier to maintain. Use composition for complexity.

Easier to Use

State store and NPM Module Support. Simple add and save.

One-click Deploy

Run your apps with one-click deploy.


We're not backed by the bigger giants.


We're a lot cheaper than the alternatives.

Start-up or a small business?

We are happy to set you up and help you migrate to Lolo free of charge. Contact us at to get in touch.